England’s flood strategy failing, says new study

Public spending on flood risk in England is skewed towards dealing with the after effects of floods, rather than on preventing them, and the misery and damage they cause. Failure to account for the impacts of different forms of land management on flood risk is resulting in millions of pounds in agricultural subsidy being spent in ways that may actually increase vulnerability to flooding. … More England’s flood strategy failing, says new study

The sandbag is dead! Long live the berm!

With floodwaters continuing to rise in height and frequency, the world is searching for the ultimate in flood protection.

Sandbags have always been the first thought at the very mention of the word “flood” images on the television and in newspapers around the world bear witness to the all encompassing flood protection properties of the sandbag as our saviour as waters rise around our properties or critical infrastructure. Images of armies of volunteers and military, shovelling sand into burlap bags or the issuing of them to householders to protect their property are a part of our flood consciousness … More The sandbag is dead! Long live the berm!

20,000 evacuated due to flooding in Dominican Republic

More than 20,000 people have been forced to evacuate their homes in the Dominican Republic by torrential rain and flooding, and meteorologists say another tropical storm is already on the horizon.

The mass displacement comes less than two months after Hurricane Matthew struck the Caribbean island of Hispaniola, destroying 90 percent of southern Haiti and leading to hundreds of deaths. While the Dominican Republic suffered less damage relative to its western neighbor, the country still had fatalities and more than 800 evacuees. … More 20,000 evacuated due to flooding in Dominican Republic

Tents and Shelters

J&S Franklin is a major supplier of tents to the British Ministry of Defence, primarily the ITC shelter system and has been closely involved in the development and improvement of the system to meet evolving operational requirements. The Improved Tented Camp (ITC) is the mainstay of the British Army’s deployable tentage. Designed to be easily … More Tents and Shelters