Russia – Hundreds Lose Their Homes After Destruction of Dam

Massive flooding has hit the Tyumen region of Russia causing hundreds of people to lose their homes after the destruction of the dam in the district of Ishim.

Following unusually high levels of melting snow and the discharge of water from the reservoir near the city of Petropavlovsk , the destruction of the dam in the district of Ishim (Tyumen region) and water spills across the Ishim river caused massive flooding throughout Tyumen region, in particular, around the town of Ishim.

Currently, the level of water is increasing approx. 50 centimetres per day. On 15 May, the water level on Ishim river had reached the critical point of 971 cm at Ishim city.

According to data received from the affected local governments, EMERCOM, and the regional and local Russian Red Cross Society branches, the flooding has resulted in over 1,000 families affected by the floods. Much of the local infrastructure, including roads, electricity, gas and water supply lines have also been damaged.

More than 130 houses are waterlogged and damaged and 41 houses fully destroyed. A total of 6,608 garden plots are also under water and damaged.  Many of the food stocks and crops have also been destroyed as people were storing them in their houses. These were the main and/or only source of food and livelihood for many of these people

Local authorities evacuated 584 people  from the disaster-struck area on boats on 11 May 2017, and have covered the urgent food and hygiene needs of people for the coming two to three weeks.

As a result of the flooding, there is a risk of outbreak of infectious diseases. Adults and children have already been vaccinated against Hepatitis A at the temporary shelters and the flooded zones.

Image: © RIA Novosti




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