Balkans – Rivers Overflow Flooding Parts of Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey

Several rivers in the Balkans have broken their banks over the last few days, causing flooding in parts of northern Greece, southeastern Bulgaria and northwestern Turkey.


Update: On 30 March Civil Protection in Greece declared a state of emergency for affected areas of Evros Region.

In Greece, the Evros (Meriç / Maritsa) river which forms the border with Turkey, has been at dangerous levels in the Evros Region since 25 March, 2018.

Local media said that officials have called upon the government to declare the region in a state of emergency after the river swelled above danger levels in Didymoteicho, Evros Region.

Reuters reported that emergency services in Greece were searching for a group of migrants who were reported missing near the Evros River.

“State television said authorities believed about 15 people went missing as they tried to cross the swollen and fast-flowing Evros river which divides Greece from Turkey in the far northeast”, Reuters said.


In Bulgaria, the overflowing Tundzha river has flooded agricultural and forest land in Yambol Province. Local media said the worst hit areas are Trankovo, Kirilovo and Elhovo.


Roads and wide areas of farmland have been flooded in the province of Edirne in north western Turkey.

Heavy rain and melting snow in catchment areas in neighbouring Bulgaria as well as Erdine Province dramatically increased levels of the Tundzha, Meriç (Maritsa / Evros) and Arda rivers since 28 March, 2018.

The districts of Meriç and Erdine are among the worst affected. Roads, farmland, and homes close to the rivers have been damaged. Floodwaters have left some vehicles stranded and bridges over both the Tunca and Meriç rivers have been closed.

No injuries, fatalities or evacuations have been reported.



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