Thousands Evacuated After Floods in Dominican Republic

6th April 2018 – After 99 mm of rain fell in La Vega Province, Dominican Republic the Dominican Republic Emergency Operations Centre declared a red alert due to the severe rain and floods.

4,165 people we evacuated and 833 houses damaged.

Comedores Económicos del Estado (CEED) is continuing to work in the sectors that were affected by the floods caused by the overflow of the Camú River in La Vega, after the rains that were registered in the area.

The President of the Republic, Danilo Medina, has instructed intervention of several institutions that work intensely to give an immediate response to the people residing in these sectors.

The director general of the State Economic Eaters, Nicolás Calderón, after visiting the area, said that with the hard work being done by the Government is expected to return to normal.

Calderón also said that as the flood situation occurred the Government has been guaranteeing the food to these families.

After making a tour through the affected neighbourhoods, the official explained that more than 1,500 rations of raw and cooked food are distributed daily, both to the inhabitants of the sectors and to the staff of the institutions that work in recovery work.

Comedores Economicos

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