Lower Fraser River Communities to Prepare for Potential Flooding – British Columbia

The Government of British Columbia is encouraging local governments and First Nations communities along the lower Fraser River to prepare for potential flooding, due to increased snowmelt and higher-than-normal temperatures.

The Province is concerned about the current weather forecast in the region and its potential impact. The Fraser River is currently experiencing high flow rates. Going forward, weather will become the key factor in how the situation progresses.

The region has had two weeks of temperatures that average five degrees above normal, and the forecast for next week’s temperatures are expected to be even higher. The lower Fraser has not seen this combination of weather conditions — including high temperatures, snow melt and riverflow — for a number of years.

Senior government leadership and officials from Emergency Management BC are reaching out to First Nations and local governments to determine what support is needed, and how the Province can help. The Province works closely with local governments, community agencies, First Nations and emergency response community officials to monitor, respond to and support local governments in emergencies.

Currently, the provincial Emergency Coordination Centre is activated in support of freshet in the Cariboo, Boundary and Okanagan regions. EMBC is activating the South West Region Provincial Regional Emergency Operations Centre in Surrey to support local government flood planning along the lower Fraser. It is recommended that local governments proactively activate their emergency operations centres to plan and prepare for this potential flooding.

Image: British Columbia River Forecast Centre

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