Cyclone Idai Update: 270,000 People Affected in Zimbabwe

ACAPS (*Assessment Capacities Project)  has published an update on the impact of Tropical Cyclone Idai in Zimbabwe


It is estimated that 270,000 people have been affected in nine districts, mainly in Chimanimani (115,000) and Chipinge (122,000) districts, Manicaland province.

As of 25 March, more than 180 people have been killed, 170 injured and 330 remain missing. There is now confirmation that at least 4,500 people have been displaced.

Floods are likely to persist in eastern Zimbabwe due to elevated water levels that are proving slow to recede. Flooding is expected to continue creating humanitarian needs.

Zimbabwe’s already high levels of food insecurity are likely to worsen due to lost crops and livestock. Livelihoods in the medium and long term will also be impacted. An extension of the ongoing lean season is expected. Inadequate health and WASH facilities increase the risk of waterborne disease outbreaks.

Despite improvements access to Chiponge and Chimanimani districts remains highly restricted.

Read the report; Tropical Cyclone Idai in Zimbabwe – Update 1

* ACAPS was established in 2009 as a non-profit, non-governmental project with the aim of providing independent, ground-breaking humanitarian analysis to help humanitarian workers, influencers, fundraisers, and donors make better decisions.



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