Thousands Hit by Floods in Venezuela & Columbia

Heavy rains and flooding have affected thousands of people throughout Venezuela and Columbia.

After heavy rain in the Sierra de Perijá around 2,000 people have been affected by flooding in Zulia State in northwestern Venezuela.

The heavy rain triggered flooding of the Kunana River in the town of Toromo in Machiques de Perijá Municipality.

Homes, livestock, schools and material possessions have all suffered damage. Civil Protection said they were searching for 6 people who went missing in the floods, and the government has distributed relief supplies.

In neighbouring Columbia, around 5000 people have been affected by flooding after heavy rain caused the Frío River to burst its banks damaging homes and schools.

Colombia Civil Defence said they were assisting communities in affected areas.

According to risk management agencies, it is expected that the flooding will continue well into November, due to the expected rainfall levels.


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